Monday, August 31, 2009

Herbie on Sesame

HELLO APT! It's been so long and I've missed you all. I've now taken residence in Chapel Hill (Carrboro, to be exact), North Carolina for UNC's grad program in Folklore, so I will be holding down the APT Southern branch. When I'm not reading about ballads and anthropological theory, I am procrastinating by swimming in the HAW river or eating deep fried pickles (learning to be Southern) and looking at gems like this.
Herbie seriously blows those kids MINDS, including the girl from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, with some cosmic flute.

MUCH LOVE to all you APT kids! I'll post about Southern living, Folklife, and other random snippets when I can.

Friday, August 28, 2009


If you missed it, catch up on the media dancing in Roomie's mind and Dr. D's most excellent adventures.

As the world turns, by way of Colorado, Brooklyn New York based Chairlift gets all, "What if David Lynch Directed Flashdance" on us. The results are pleasantly strange.

These are the folks responsible for the haunting music in the 4th gen ipod commercial, catch it here. Keep your ear out.

And for my hoops fans...Chris Bosh is cool. Well, sort of.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bill Maher on The "Tonight Show", Moore, Extract, Big Brother

For sure worth a look...Bill Maher is TIGHT...

Good for that Daily Show flava...keep it up...

In other news... matter what the haters say, this cat is and always has been the man...

Saw this preview with Big Brother in NYC a few weeks cast of the summer...

...Judge forever classic.

By the way, in case you missed it, I'm linking to it fact, I am going to post if right here...via

No. of Ratings: 10
Average Easiness: 3.3
Average Helpfulness: 4.8
Average Clarity: 4.9
Hotness Total: 6 (highest score!!!!!!!)
Overall Quality: 4.8

3.3 for Average Easiness? Open the book, that might help.

The comments section is DOPE!

P.S. Best pic eva

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dr. D's Travelogue: Part I - Westward Expansion

Much love to the APT Crew for their Portland farewell back a couple weeks ago. Good times, great food, and the best of friends! Really, I'm so lucky. Just look at these fools:

So Dr. D is now residing in Dillon, Colorado, acting as Rocky Mountain corespondent for the APT Snow & Ski Report this winter - sorry W2, but I'm going to make you mad with envy - but more specifically stretching his legs after a few challenging years in the teaching game. Love the kids, love to learn, question the system, detest the grind. Taking a step back. We'll see where the road leads...

Anyway, the journey out here was the longest road trip I've ever embarked upon, and solo to boot. So many hours, so many tunes - including a sweet download of Phish's recent Red Rocks show, two thumbs up - and even a seven-hour audio book rendition of Outliers, an intriguing new piece of non-fiction social analysis from Malcolm Gladwell. Check it for tips on how to be successful. Note: He says nothing about quitting your job and moving to Colorado!

Dr. D took the 1991 Volvo, equipped with a full load and failing brakes for a stopover in Rhode Island, where he hung out with his wonderful family and proceeded to sell the car, buy a 2002 Subaru Legacy, and then reload for what proved to be a much more comfortable (and safe) ride. Volvo, you will be missed!

Props to the Delaware Water Gap for a nice break to hike Mt. Tammany and take a break from driving en route to western Pennsylvania. I never knew New Jersey could be so beautiful. Sorry Adam for doubting your state!

And props to the Hajduk family for their generous hospitality in Venus, Pennsylvania, some great meals - homemade BBQ wings from Mama Hajduk, just the way Dr. D likes 'em - and even a sweet rural bike ride with Papa Hajduk the next morning. We ran into this family, who were not too impressed with our cycling outfits, or our flashy colors:

After Pennsylvania, the trip, continuing along I-80, took me through Ohio all the way to northern Indiana. Dr. D definitely recommends the stopover at Indiana Dunes State Park, where one can hike Mt. Baldy, a giant sand drift mountain on the lake, or walk beautiful beaches like this one:

Watch out for drunken locals with back tattoos fighting to avenge the honor of their girlfriends. Or was it W2 battling Roomie in a theatrical film shooting? I didn't get close enough.

Dr. D can't send enough love to Iowa. What a place. My first stop was the WORLD'S LARGEST TRUCKSTOP. Don't be overwhelmed. There's really only one thing of significance there: They have the BEST selection of spirit animal t-shirts I have ever seen. Remember the "Three Wolf Moon" t-shirt? Dudes can get whatever they want here. Spirit whales, spirit wolves, spirit owls, or even a shirt for your special lady depicting a peaceful Pocahontas weaving a basket by a fire.

Next stop was the Iowa State Fair. Wow! Thanks to my tour guide, Briget Ganske, another great hostess in my travels, who helped keep it real. Fried Oreos, salad on a stick, outhouse racing, and even my favorite, the smoked turkey leg:

Be careful. Because if you get a better leg than the person behind you in line, fighting is common. I had to bust out some APT-style Jedi moves to save my leg, literally:

I won, kept my turkey leg, and was rewarded with a delicious (while at the same time grotesque) bite of a fried Oreo:

Twelve hours later, beyond the bustling Des Moines scene, I finally arrived at my new home here in Colorado.

And while I'm fighting off a cold, still getting settled, and currently jobless, all is well. The weather has been beautiful for hiking, and for whatever reason this is Colorado's high season for concerts. Caught The Avett Brothers in Denver the other day, then The Flaming Lips last night at Red Rocks. Tomorrow Lyrics Born will be holding it down in Breckenridge. Word.

Best wishes to the APT Crew! You're all in my thoughts, and featured in art form on my fridge! Talk soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Where in the world are my Seattle Supersonics?

Lenny Wilkens, Sam Perkins, Dennis Johnson, The Glove, Dale Ellis. All Seattle court legends. Kevin Durant (greatest NIKE ad ever) was meant to be the future? The city of Seattle barely knew you.

If you are left scratching your head trying to figure out what the hell I am throwing down here, then watch the trailer. If you know exactly what I am talking about, then watch the trailer.

Sonicsgate Trailer from sonicsgate on Vimeo.

Money, politics, good vs. evil, and basketball. Can't wait. The full length drops on October 12th, 2009, here. Have a nice day.

PS Get up on NJ Nets rookie Terrance Williams draft day video.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mallet Madness

A lot of people think that Flight of the Bumblebee is a tough song to play. Truth is, it's pretty easy. It's just a series of quick chromatic scales. Still, it can be played skillfully and with panache. Check these two out. One made my eyes bug. One made my jaw drop. Can you guess which is which?

And if I could choose what my kids were going to do, it'd be this:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


They are calling this genre sundazed electro pop...these guys, Air France and JJ...incredible stuff...

...via Pitchfork Media..."From Oslo to Melbourne, from indie rockers to club kids, sunny electronic euphoria has been one of the late-2000s pop underground's richest musical nodes."

Monday, August 10, 2009


Via The Huffington Post...

Also, from the same headline ever...

"Jeremy Piven And Chris Kattan In Sushi Screaming Match"

Piv...I root for this guy...

...but does he get the invite over to APT? I want to say nah...but I can't...

Projectors Take a Walk

APTers...if there are any of you out some of your favorite John Hughes related youtube clips here. For posterity.

Additionally, I ask you, if the Dirty Projectors can get some Llamas up the side of Mt. Equinox in VT with film crew and all to shoot this stunning video, why can't we sort out a hike among friends. Dang. Take me to the woods oh elfin sorceress.

Prepping to send Dr. D off in style, which way to Colorado? Till Tuesday then.

Friday, August 7, 2009

R.I.P John Hughes

Always and forever.

Post up...favs from YouTube in the comment section...

K'onscious Hip Hop

Yeah, the term is kind of played out. Or is it?

Somali-Canadian Rapper K'naan appeared yesterday on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and reminded me how powerful rap music can be. Kid is sharp, if not slightly in danger of falling into the dreaded, "Dude comes off kinda like Wyclef" category.

"Hip hop, at its strongest has always been when it was the journalism of a community that otherwise lacks the access to major media and mass culture (to tell their stories)." Can I get a hell yeah?

The interview is insightful and particularly relevant to Mainers given the increasing numbers of Somali immigrants and refugees. Watch that shit here!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fuck Cancer, Fantastic Mr. Fox

The internet is on fire with this one. Jay-Z stood in for the almighty Beastie Boys at All Points West Fest. He was called into action due to MCA's illness.

I know some of y'all have seen this one, but to my children raising-surfboard toting-mountain bike thrashing-second shift working-no time for web hunting players, let us rock to this.

I can handle losing MJ, but Beasties are immortal like the Great Space Coaster, Superman, and the Swamp Thing. Right. B-Boys don't get cancer. Shit. Get well soon Adam!

In other news, Wes Anderson's trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox has hit the net. Looks like fun!