Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"A Spirit of Resistance...

...to illegitimate authority." Find a way to become involved. Start by smiling a bit more and educating yourself about the "Peoples History."

This flick features such APT notables as John Legend, Josh Brolin, Don Cheadle, M-A-A-T-T Da-mon, and fly-girls Marisa Tomei and Jasmine Guy. It is available from Howard Zinn's website and can be used by teachers, counselors, and yearbook executives to rock the nation.

PS Attention Team Portland, bring your ass to More for some first Friday fun.

PSS Swing by here for Dr. D's fav Bon Iver doing a "take away" spot with Lykke Li.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rest Easy

Paul Newman passed away a few days ago. I really liked his Balsalmic Vinaigrette. His grub, for me, was like a gateway drug to better and more pleasant fixins.

Check it. First, you are hanging with some crunchy coeds and someone is holding some of Newman's goods. You like what you taste and are all, "these things are all-natural." I mean, have you had the "Oreo's"?

Then one day you are shopping at Hannaford and find yourself reaching for some organic green peppers in plastic wrap. The cycle has begun.

Next thing you know, you are dropping a kidney at Whole Paycheck for smoked tempeh bacon. Shortly thereafter it is off to the local farmers market for some Maine spun tomatoes.

Finally, you go off the deep end, as you are nearly torn to shreds by Farmer Psycho's wolf-hound Spot while trying to hook some grass-fed, recently fallen, organic apples.

Are you feeIin me? I digress.

Top three Paul Newman joints of all time.
1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
2. Sting
3. Slapshot

No joke. To Paul and his family, be at peace and know that the crew at APT has a place in it's Hall of Fame for any actor willing to put his money where his heart is! Hell yeah! RIP Paul.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Basketball and Finance

Run over to Freedarko to catch an outstanding take of our current economic crisis. I'll let you in on a little secret...it involves these jokers.

Celts tix go on sale today at 10 am. I am gunning for 76ers, Pistons, Heat, Hornets, Blazers, and Cavs. It will be tuff to lock these down, keep your toes crossed. Update coming soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Beemer? Aston Martin? Nope.
Benz? Pehaps one that runs on vegetable oil.
Mini Van? Eventually.
SUV? Never.

Check out APT's perferred mode of transportation: the Sedan.

Below are a selection of rides that APT was able to admire over the last few months. These sedans are P&P...pimp and practical.

The Mercedes Benz 240D running on vegetable oil. Stylish...killin' it Euro-style.

Here's some vintage cuts...

Check the Buick Wildcat...pea soup green with whitewalls...unmatched

Baby blue Ford Mustang Fastback...like the joint Steve McQueen drives in the APT classic "Bullitt"...

Check the window...


Ok...so this is last I will post about these guys...but if you ain't up, you ain't down.

"Baseball Been Berry Berry Good To Me"

This is a great time to tune into some high quality baseball. Here is a quick catch up for those of you just tuning in.

Sox are in the playoffs with an outside chance to catch the white hot Rays!

The Yanks are out! Ouch!

The Rays Carlos Pena is nice. He and those Rays are young, relentless, and playing with a ton of confidence.

Tori Hunter is slick. He of the the LA Angels, the team with MLB's best record. They have to be the odds on favorite to win it all this year. Sadly, the White Sox are fading, but fear not Chicago sports fans.

Over in the NL, the Cubs have led wire to wire, despite rowdy manager Big Lou Pinella's questionable judgement.

Is this the year the Cubbies win it, or will Manny and the Dodgers spoil the fun?

I am pulling for my boy Prince Fielder, the hard hitting, heavy set, vegetarian.

His Brewers are closing in on a Wild Card berth, leaving those unlikable Mets at home.

Time to get the APT couch in full working order. Duffs in the fridge. Let's get busy because October is right around the corner.

PS Don't miss the debate on Friday night. 9 pm eastern. Sign this petition stat.

Stop the presses, because APT hall of famer Brain Scalabrine of the World Champion Boston Celtics was in Portland yesterday, and I had to work. Dang! Maybe next year!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BIGGIE Trailer

Biopic on Biggie Smalls. This is weird as hell but I heard that Big's mom's sat in on the auditions to pick the actor who reminded her most of her dead son...creepy.

I'm curious, gotta admit it.


2 Ones

This (Drizz...this reminds me of something you and I would have cranked back in the day...)

and this...a new one from an APT Hall of Famer...that fat bass and piano...so NY...Tip still got it...

Weezy is also bringin it...I might be a little late on this one but it still must be noted...

Weezy also has this weird song...interesting...out there...again, not sounding like no mf'er other than himself.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Close Call

Roomie survived a night in NH with several of my most cross-eyed manic pals from the University of New Hampshire. Go Wildcats.

As always, our boy was the king of cool, even when it looked like one of the locals might take a nose dive into his decks.

Quote of the night from one armchair DJ, "So do you have, like, anything after 1985?"

You all will have to sit tight for the pics which will be coming soon. Until then, here is a modern take on what I consider to be something like Ryan's signature sound. This one might be alittle R & B for yall, but it certainly has some style.

Green Light by John Legend and Andre 3000.

Pats lost today and I am having a really hard time caring. It is just too nice outside to watch football. Plus all those World Championships. So it goes.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Feel the Music

So, it's beena great week in the Midwest: The Indy Star poll has Obama with a 3 point lead in Indiana, the Cubs are two wins from the playoffs, and this past Sunday signaled the release of Rock Band 2!!!

85 tracks by the original artists. Super sweet. One of the big features they have been touting is the release of the first single from the new Guns N Roses album. Remember them? Gas was under a dollar a gallon the last time they were relevent. Anyway, that new song, Shackler's Revenge, is truly, truly horrible. Can anyone say with a straight face that this album is still "highly anticipated"?

Anyway, some of my favorite highlights are Tenacious D's Master Exploder, Aqualung, and Alive. Holy hell is that solo fun to play.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Theatrical Dancehall

Dr. D will be licking his lips as Jr. Gong and brother Stephen drop dis riddim right here.

Bonus Track...Damian Marley Freestyle!

If you are still hungry, chew on this one ft. Gwen Stephani...it is nice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can We Handle the Truth?

As long as we are talking about revolutions...

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone

M83's Kim and Jessie

A live performance of yet another song from the incredible album Saturday = Youth from soon to be APT Hall of Famers M83.

If you are into this, you might want to check out these guys as well by way of APT's fav illustrator, CDR.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Music is the Revolution!

Bob Dylan's "Masters of War", Mr. Marley's "Trenchtown Rock", Sonic Youth's "Youth Against Fascism", Public Enemy's "Can't Truss It", Phil Collin's "Land of Confusion" (snicker). Music can build the foundation for change and/or alert the masses to the need for it.

The ishtar went down at the RNC a week or so back. Much of it was swept under the rug as Sarah Palin, beauty queen, took the stage. While the Minnesota police force maintained law and order, 1984 style, the people were undeterred. Highlights from democracy in action.

Roomie, this is not the chill out, but at APT, in an election year, we bringin' it raw.

In related news, B-Nice, Dr. D, and yours truly caught activist/journalist Amy Goodman last Friday at Portland High. Goodman was fresh off her arrest at the RNC. Her talk was emotional and insightful. Peep an exerpt of her new book, Standing Up to the Madness.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

CMCA 2008 Biennial Juried Exhibition

The Center for Maine Contemporary Art has a
BOMB exhibit going on right now.

These be the highlights:

Jeff Badger Sick Tree

Noe Warren Graphite

Shannon Rankin Germinate

Greta Bank Clearance: The Four Horsemen

Anna Helper Projection Rooms, Flock #1, Sphere

And finally, the real deal...

Tyler McPhee The Whole Picture

APT has to have McPhee over for some beers, since the rest of his installation is dedicated to a TRUE APT icon...Sasquatch.
McPhee like WHAT.

And finally, the crown jewel...APT will be taking up a collection this fall to purchase this piece...so, don't forget to drop some change in the bucket...

...Blake Hendrickson Untitled (Triptych)


(Reminds me of an areal shot of a city where two streets intersect.)

Oh, yeah...almost forgot...trailer number 2...