Sunday, September 21, 2008

Close Call

Roomie survived a night in NH with several of my most cross-eyed manic pals from the University of New Hampshire. Go Wildcats.

As always, our boy was the king of cool, even when it looked like one of the locals might take a nose dive into his decks.

Quote of the night from one armchair DJ, "So do you have, like, anything after 1985?"

You all will have to sit tight for the pics which will be coming soon. Until then, here is a modern take on what I consider to be something like Ryan's signature sound. This one might be alittle R & B for yall, but it certainly has some style.

Green Light by John Legend and Andre 3000.

Pats lost today and I am having a really hard time caring. It is just too nice outside to watch football. Plus all those World Championships. So it goes.

1 comment:

Live from APT said...

You know I'm into this cut...

...John Legend...I can take him or leave him...mostly leave him...especially since he was a dick to my bro at the hotel he worked at...but Andre 3000 steals the show on this no JOKE.

"Hey...let's hop a cab/and split it
We both goin' to where you livin'"