Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So, yet another distraction on the internet tubes:

A musical knowledge version of the awesome Wikipedia called SoundUnwound. It's done by Amazon.

The front page entry right now is on M.I.A. Just you wait, all those obscure 30's hot jazz entries will start tonite about 1 A.M. when I can't resist. Remember, it is a hive mind type thing so it only gets better if we take part. Geeks, commence geeking out!

(This was on my mythical top songs list of last year coming in very high) I tried to upload a version I have with Bun B spitting a verse but tech problems got in the way, enjoy this in its place:



Live from APT said...

One of the best songs in a long time...

"...some some some-a I murder/some some some I let go..."

Peep Ad Rock and Mike D @ the 2:52 mark. Nice.

W2 said...

King Roomie I love the new pick. Can I get a link to my favorite BBall site FreeDarko on the links list. Those dudes straight up kill it and they are drunk on P{olitics right now and its connection to hoops. Plus the are just total freaks/geeks. Which is nice.

El that Mia banger.

PS I have been thinking about posting the ten most influentianl/favorite albums at different times and talking about the times and why they were important. Ambitious perhaps. But we could all do it...five seems to few to represent 30 years.

Hollar at your boy.