Sunday, September 14, 2008

CMCA 2008 Biennial Juried Exhibition

The Center for Maine Contemporary Art has a
BOMB exhibit going on right now.

These be the highlights:

Jeff Badger Sick Tree

Noe Warren Graphite

Shannon Rankin Germinate

Greta Bank Clearance: The Four Horsemen

Anna Helper Projection Rooms, Flock #1, Sphere

And finally, the real deal...

Tyler McPhee The Whole Picture

APT has to have McPhee over for some beers, since the rest of his installation is dedicated to a TRUE APT icon...Sasquatch.
McPhee like WHAT.

And finally, the crown jewel...APT will be taking up a collection this fall to purchase this, don't forget to drop some change in the bucket...

...Blake Hendrickson Untitled (Triptych)


(Reminds me of an areal shot of a city where two streets intersect.)

Oh, yeah...almost forgot...trailer number 2...


W2 said...

I have been thinking a lot about an APT all star team. Like what actors/actresses, sports heros, muscicians, politicans are the most APT.

Something like this: Brett Favre, Matt Mcconaughey, Joe Pesci, Sasquatch, Baron Davis, Barack Obama, Stephan Jackson, Seth Rogan, MIA, Jack Nicholson, The Walbergs, Bette Davis, Hedo Turkalo, Stan Van Gundy, Micheal Cera, Walter Payton (RIP), Natasha Kai (soccer hottie), Peri "Pebbles" Nixon, as well as the entire cast of Night Court, Three's Company, and Welcome Back Kotter.


El Manicero said...

Yo, that trailer is the shit! Wow. I like the projection room pix from the art installation.

W2 said...

Words cannot express how much I want a Sasquatch Reads t-shirt.

Tyler said...

Thanks for the kind words! I stumbled across them today in a blatant vanity search.