Sunday, September 14, 2008

Live from NY

In case you missed it, these girls knocked it out the box last night in the Saturday Night Live season opener (click the brightly colored word for the video).

This spot does raise a question, is Tina Fey more qualified than Sarah Palin to be a VP candidate. Working for Lorne Micheals has to be at least as challenging as running Alaska. And if Tina Fey could be VP, how far away from a VP spot is somebody like, I don't know, ME?

I got a library card, beard, minimal credit card debt, a decent pair of New Balance running shoes, and a slick pump fake. I have been overseas. What more do you need these days?

W2 for You in 2012! Believe that shit! Vote early because I may forget that I am running.


Dr. D said...

Does that mean I could be a part of your cabinet/entourage if you win? We could spend federal money on expensive ski vacations while we talk foreign policy and debate the legalization of marijuana on the ski lifts? Dude, I am so voting for you!

Live from APT said...

Write it in...that's what APT is doing...