Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BIGGIE Trailer

Biopic on Biggie Smalls. This is weird as hell but I heard that Big's mom's sat in on the auditions to pick the actor who reminded her most of her dead son...creepy.

I'm curious, gotta admit it.



W2 said...

naw man, Biggie rolled back from that island that they got him and PAc on. He came back and choose the dude with the biggest $%^$ to play him.

That is what I heard. Notorius.

Live from APT said...

I'm there...Waddie and I will be first in line...this WILL be an offical APT outing.

sketchy said...

Remember when I got really excited and immediately bought SeaDogs tickets because I heard Big Papi was coming to the game??!!!??!? I WILL be seeing this movie. (I also concur with w2's island theory. . .it's legit)