Tuesday, September 9, 2008


...just this and this. 2nd one should be cranked.

Also, this week I'd like everyone to post one of their fav television themes.

I'll go first...


And for an even pimpnastier version, check this.

Oh, and it's fashion week in NYC. More reasons why NY is the bees knees...holla.


W2 said...

Love the film pics. Love Knight Rider.

As far as the TV show izzle goes...I am on it.

"So let it be said: The gauntlet has been thrown down, but the faculty have answered, and answered with vigor!"

El Manicero said...

love it. Love the Goodwill hunting quote too.

W2 said...

Speaking of movie quotes...I am in faculty meeting yesterday na there is a raucous, something happens and some dude shouts out "dont worry i am a limo driver." Can you lock that one down El Man?