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With King Roomie Rock unavailable, members of the APT universe took to an interstellar space station to watch Sunday's NBA All-Star Game. After much deliberation (drinking), Kobe Bryant taking the game way too seriously, and observing one too many errant passes, we decided to create our very own All-Star teams. Forged in our image.

The draft rules were vague. The only clear cut rule being a player could appear on only one roster.

Team Name: We Read 2 Kidz
Coach: B-Nice
Lead Assistant: Justin Beiber
Point Guard: Steve Nash
Shooting Guard: Luke Walton
Small Forward: LeBron James
Power Forward: Dirk Nowitzki
Center : Pau Gasol
Strengths: Shooting, Literate, Multi-Lingual, Floppy Hair
Weaknesses: Luke Walton, Too Nice

Team Name: First Blood
Coach: El Manicero
Lead Assistant: Woody Harrelson
Point Guard: Derek Rose
Shooting Guard: Ray Allen
Small Forward: Kevin Durant
Power Forward: Kevin Garnett
Center: Andrew Bynum
Strengths: Scoring, Defense, Woody's Got Herb
Weaknesses: Injury (Bynum, Garnett), Woody Wants to Play

Team Name: Never Kobe.
Coach: W2
Lead Assistant: Scarlett Johansson
Point Guard: Russell Westbrook
Shooting Guard: Manu Ginobli
Small Forward: Carmelo Anthony
Power Forward: Lamar Odom
Center: Joakim Noah
Strengths: Hottest Groupies, ScoJo
Weaknesses: Melodrama, Westbrook Doesn't Party

Team Name: Power Ball
Coach: Sir Thomas of Doyle
Lead Assistant: Axl Rose
Point Guard: Rajon Rondo
Shooting Guard: Dwayne Wade
Small Forward: Andre Iguadola
Power Forward: Amare Stoudemire
Center: Kendrick Perkins
Strengths: Technical Fouls, Defense, Axl's Got Coke
Weaknesses: Axl's Got Coke

Glaring Omissions: Brain Scalibrine, Matt Bonner, AK-47, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Rudy Fernandez, Delonte West, Stan Van Gundy
come for the game...stay for the chips...

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Ridonkulous!!!! Odd Future.

This rap crew from L.A. just kill it....

Odd Future television debut, live on Jimmy Fallon (which means the Roots backing them up!):


apt tribute

peace to 4 gilman st.

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The Day the Music Died

For those in the know - without cable TV - ATDHE.NET was the bizness. NBA. International Soccer. Simpsons re-runs. The list goes on. But thanks to Homeland Security, not anymore. RIP. You were to good to be true.

Update: We're Back!

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the d

great story, great tribute...
amazing city, amazing people...americans love to poke fun at the d but it's an american story that polarizes...
more here

in other news...
recommended...move with alba