Sunday, September 7, 2008

Great News!

I have confirmation, King Roomie Rock will be holding it down on the decks at my pals wedding in two weeks time. The trees will shake to their roots in lovely Sandwich, NH.

I started thinking, what the set list might look like? No doubt some funk served with a fat slice of cheddar. For your Sunday viewing pleasure, music inspired by Roomies crates. Brace yourself.

Funk with a side of Guttenberg.

Paved the way for MIA.

Pleasantly Paranoid.

The ubiquitous TTD!

Pats by three touchdowns today. Poor Chiefs. And congrats to this guy, the best post player this side of McHale.


Live from APT said...

Ally Sheedy was HOT...

...that vid is would not want to be a part of that production house...folded right up after that cheap-ass effort.

Jimmy Snuka said...

I tried to post Rhythm of the Night, but they wouldn't let me embed it. Bummer cuz El D. and his bros are all sporting mustaches and gerry curl mullets. Slick.