Friday, September 19, 2008

Feel the Music

So, it's beena great week in the Midwest: The Indy Star poll has Obama with a 3 point lead in Indiana, the Cubs are two wins from the playoffs, and this past Sunday signaled the release of Rock Band 2!!!

85 tracks by the original artists. Super sweet. One of the big features they have been touting is the release of the first single from the new Guns N Roses album. Remember them? Gas was under a dollar a gallon the last time they were relevent. Anyway, that new song, Shackler's Revenge, is truly, truly horrible. Can anyone say with a straight face that this album is still "highly anticipated"?

Anyway, some of my favorite highlights are Tenacious D's Master Exploder, Aqualung, and Alive. Holy hell is that solo fun to play.

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Live from APT said... of the best jams ever...dope pick for Rock Band...

One got Maya on the bass or the drums?