Thursday, September 25, 2008


Beemer? Aston Martin? Nope.
Benz? Pehaps one that runs on vegetable oil.
Mini Van? Eventually.
SUV? Never.

Check out APT's perferred mode of transportation: the Sedan.

Below are a selection of rides that APT was able to admire over the last few months. These sedans are P&P...pimp and practical.

The Mercedes Benz 240D running on vegetable oil. Stylish...killin' it Euro-style.

Here's some vintage cuts...

Check the Buick Wildcat...pea soup green with whitewalls...unmatched

Baby blue Ford Mustang the joint Steve McQueen drives in the APT classic "Bullitt"...

Check the window...

OUT this is last I will post about these guys...but if you ain't up, you ain't down.


W2 said...


Dr. D said...


I don't see my Volvo 240 SEDAN in that mix, with double bike/ski roof rack and broken headlight. To boot, I replaced my stereo and speakers just for this APT special!

Maybe next week you can do a Dr. D special edition. I will share specs on both car and bicyles...