Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Baseball Been Berry Berry Good To Me"

This is a great time to tune into some high quality baseball. Here is a quick catch up for those of you just tuning in.

Sox are in the playoffs with an outside chance to catch the white hot Rays!

The Yanks are out! Ouch!

The Rays Carlos Pena is nice. He and those Rays are young, relentless, and playing with a ton of confidence.

Tori Hunter is slick. He of the the LA Angels, the team with MLB's best record. They have to be the odds on favorite to win it all this year. Sadly, the White Sox are fading, but fear not Chicago sports fans.

Over in the NL, the Cubs have led wire to wire, despite rowdy manager Big Lou Pinella's questionable judgement.

Is this the year the Cubbies win it, or will Manny and the Dodgers spoil the fun?

I am pulling for my boy Prince Fielder, the hard hitting, heavy set, vegetarian.

His Brewers are closing in on a Wild Card berth, leaving those unlikable Mets at home.

Time to get the APT couch in full working order. Duffs in the fridge. Let's get busy because October is right around the corner.

PS Don't miss the debate on Friday night. 9 pm eastern. Sign this petition stat.

Stop the presses, because APT hall of famer Brain Scalabrine of the World Champion Boston Celtics was in Portland yesterday, and I had to work. Dang! Maybe next year!


Live from APT said...

The Red Sucks are in prime position to kill it in the playoffs, as they are always this time of year. MLB playoffs are ALWAYS less interesting without the Yank-mes in contention. Bummer on that...

The Rays...terrible uniforms and horrible mascot. Tampa Spray will

Angels are scary.

White Sucks...south side...they need to close the deal. However, if the Twins sneak in, that wouldn't be bad either as I think they have great homefield advantage...playing on turf will confuse the hell out of the Beantown. New England frustrations mount and my amusement begins.

NL...Cubbies...Will it happen? (shaking head side to side)

Dodgers are scary.

Brew Crew? Phillies? How do you say mediorcre in Spanish, Manicero?

Big screen is set up...loaded cerveza ready...

W2 said...

What about Prince Fielder...veggie who clocks like three bills must be hitting more than homers....bingers and cheese fries is the prefered mode of operation.

I think that dude parties with Ricky Williams and josh howard.

It took me a sec to sort out that you were ask El Man what mediocre was verses saying that is the word for mediocre...cuz that shit would be funny. Cold heart and funny, just the way I like it.

W2 said...

Ishtar is settled...almost. No Mets. I am pulling for the Twins to slip past the White Sucks.

Roomie where is the Paul Newman tribute...or some fotune cookie pics. Your public is waiting.