Wednesday, September 10, 2008

El Manicero's Top 4 no 5 theme songs

Okay, so W2 took Wonder Years so in the interest of being non-repetitive I won't use that one but here we go. Damn this is hard, keeping it to just five turned out to be a real challenge...And I tried to exclude newer songs and just keep it to childhood memories:

Man, I loved this show when I was a kid, and I loved the theme song. I even used my old boom box to tape it by putting the little external mike up to the tv speakers. (A technique I used often as a young music fiend)

5. Family Ties

4. Greatest American Hero

3. The Hulk (The Lonely Man) End Credits

2. Laverne and Shirley

1. Cheers

Honorable mentions:

Dukes of Hazard
(really should be in my list, regretting it now)
Hunter Theme

Matlock Theme

Perfect Strangers

Night Court
Silver Spoons



Live from APT said...

Night Court is the bomb track thus far.

I gots more, but lets wait and see what everyone else comes up with...

W2 said...

Where is Emily and Driz at?

Jeff said...

My vote goes to Sanford and Son.