Monday, August 31, 2009

Herbie on Sesame

HELLO APT! It's been so long and I've missed you all. I've now taken residence in Chapel Hill (Carrboro, to be exact), North Carolina for UNC's grad program in Folklore, so I will be holding down the APT Southern branch. When I'm not reading about ballads and anthropological theory, I am procrastinating by swimming in the HAW river or eating deep fried pickles (learning to be Southern) and looking at gems like this.
Herbie seriously blows those kids MINDS, including the girl from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, with some cosmic flute.

MUCH LOVE to all you APT kids! I'll post about Southern living, Folklife, and other random snippets when I can.

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Dr. D said...

Roomie needs to get one of those cosmic keyboards in his bachelor pad. Word. Nice post Emily. Best of luck in your new hood. I'm adjusting to a very different kind of place these days, here in high mountain Colorado. So far, I love it...