Friday, September 4, 2009

Sender Films

Many of us only dream of taking our passions to the extreme; turning the things we love to do into a livelihood, something to share with the world. Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen have done just that, coupling their love for climbing with a true talent in film making. The result is Sender Films, based in Boulder, Colorado. These guys are inspiring fellows who have produced some incredible work.

Dr. D had the opportunity this past week to visit their studio, meet the crew, and get a sneak preview of some upcoming gems for this fall's Reel Rock Film Tour, likely coming to a venue somewhere in your neighborhood over the next couple months. The tour kicks off this Thursday in Boulder, but will be making its way all over the country, and globe, with stops in places as far as Alaska, Chile, and Quebec. Check the tour calendar here to find stops near you and be sure to get out and support these films and the inspiring people they represent.

Climbing films can often be generic, exhibitionist, highlighting adrenaline-crazed athletes in their glory moments; better categorized as "rock porn." Sender Films has taken the genre to another level; their films instead highlighting the athletes behind the sport, the story behind the climb.

Check the tour trailer here:



King Roomie Rock said...

9/19, North Conway...Roomie's mom might be in town, but if not, I'm going.

VIP style at The White Trellis.

Camera work looks NASTY and these climber-guys are crazed...

Anonymous said...

APT is rolling on all cylinders. Crushed a hike with Bob and friends yesterday and hit the Moat Montain Smokehouse where I got beat down. Veggie turned meat eater W2 tryin out the pork sandwich resulted in about an hour of stomach churning silence. They had to carry me back to the car on a gurney. Almost recovered thoug.

Dr. D said...

Sorry to hear W2 about your pork struggles. Maybe it was the five beers? Not. Much love to the Portland crew. Crush those peaks for me. I'll do the same out here.