Sunday, September 20, 2009

Roc Raida R.I.P.

Unfortunate news in the crate diggin', needle scratching, turntablist realm of the hip-hop scene: Roc Raida, most noted for his work with the X-Ecutioners, died yesterday at the age of 37. After a car crash back a few weeks, complications arose following multiple surgeries and few details are available at this time.

Dr. D and a few others in the APT community had the opportunity to witness the fitness a couple years back at Portland's Asylum nightclub. Amazing shit! Anyone with such skills and contributions to the musical community deserves a shout out. Roc Raida, you will be missed.

Check this video for a taste of the finger-lickin' goodness. Hot damn!

Roomie Rock. This one's for you. Watch and learn. A lesson in beat juggling:


W2 said...

Turntablism! You ever watch that crzy ass Q Bert movie. It is crazy ass. Like some outer space weirness. Those scratchin ich folk are a strange bread.

King Roomie Rock said... your music LOUD for Roc...