Saturday, September 12, 2009

Michael and Michael

I got a visit from one of Portland, Maine's finest sports fans, Ms. Block Party.

She insisted that I get up on this interview between His Airness and Michael Wilbon who is arguably ESPN's most credible TV personality.

And if you haven't already, witness David Thompson's (Mike's childhood idol) high flying ways.


King Roomie Rock said...

THIS IS APT, and to say the least, MJ is by far a Hall of Famer here...if he were to show up for a Thursday night pickup game at Reiche, he'd get the nod over to the crib for cocktails, TNT and a McGyver episode.

To go on and on here at APT would be redundant...just open up the Interweb and you are STILL bombarded with images, videos, clothing and influence from this guy, and he's been retired since '98. That's over 10 years. Take a highlight reel from his final appearances alone and you'd have clips that would outdo most athletes entire careers.
Mike is legend and don't ever front.

Nice post and suggestion from Block Party...big ups!

King Roomie Rock said...

This is worth a look too..

W2 said...

Site looks great