Monday, October 12, 2009


This is really entertaining and interesting, especially since the Jets are really fun to watch. Revis is the man, and you gotta love Rex "the Sex" Ryan or at least chuckle. Jay Feely is apparently a mad twitterer and well, check it out over at the times site here.

A few twitters from Mr. Feely for your consideration:

"July 22, @jayfeely: Heres my issue with both our political parties right now. No one has the guts and ability to find the real answers and committ to them."

"Oct. 2, @jayfeely: H1N1 is so new we don’t know about the longterm effects of the vaccine. But I want to protect my children: a quandry"

A quote from the article: "Feely jokes that most kickers are thoughtful because they have more time to research and read. He often buys 10 books at a time, the topics ranging from history and parenting to philosophy and sports." Check the story out, it is well done.


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King Roomie Rock said...

Rex "the Sex"...has to wear Old Spice, right?