Sunday, May 22, 2011


I can't believe the APT crew hasn't been tipped off to this shit yet. Or maybe I've been too distracted all winter chasing pow and geeking on Internet ski porn to notice. Either way, get on this. These guys produce incredible studio sessions for some of the greatest up and coming acts in the independent music scene, and make them all available for free download via their website. Check the site here:


Not to mention, the artwork is dope. So dope. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

APT is mos def down with Daytrotter. Alberto has been repping that ish for years.

Dope site for sure.

b-nice said...

Hey Dr. D - It's new to me (although I probably should have caught it on APT earlier). PS - Check out my new blog! URL below.

b-nice said...

Oops. I mean, URL above.