Monday, October 31, 2011

My Week in Horror

I have always given more thought to what films will be on the movie watching plate for this time of season than what I may or may not wear out on the town.

You can keep the candy corn. Here is my menu of traditional and non-traditional treats.

Battle of Algiers - War, revolution, terrorism, and torture.

Contagion - Paltrow gets her cap peeled and Cliff Martinez brings the synth rock to this uneven plague.

House of Sand - Crazy dude drags lovely wife into the uninhabited north coast of Brazil. Can Seu Jorge save the day? You bet your Ziggy Stardust he can!

Kwaidan - Japanese ghost stories rendered beautifully - make your own haiku.

Trick R' Treat - Mindless American fun. And Anna Paquin.

Tenebrae - Stylish early eighties slasher epic. Italian for tits and ass.

Hanna - Homeschool girl kicks ass and takes names.

Happy 'ween!

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