Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joseph Kosinski, QoS

A really amazing commercial by director Joseph Kosinski.

More on this dude can watch all his work in HD on his site...and there is more to come...stay tuned...

A hint here.

In other movie news, this comes out on DVD Tuesday...
...although it got panned by just about anyone I know, I still thought it had some of the best action sequences I've seen in a while...not a big CGI fan, so when someone does it old school, I gots to give it up...

Here are two to check out:

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W2 said...

How was the group hug show? I was a little shock from the bball hang on Friday night. The Siena game was legendary...Ryan Rossiter is all APT.

With all the hoops chaos I still caught two flicks this weekend. Finally watched Pinapple Express (some good joke, Franco was great, Rogen seemed like he was forcing it way to much, and the other dude with the neck brace was too funny.

Also watched The Third Man. I was hoping for more Wells (not enough screen time). It was solid.

I am uncertain about Solace. Seems like a tough one to make time for.