Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vertical Carnival Dispatches

This post's a little shout out to my hometown boy Renan Ozturk, who quite possibly has the best job in the world. He gets paid and fully-outfitted to go on multi-month international climbing expeditions courtesy of The North Face and post short film dispatches along the way. Apparently he's got some incredible climbing skills. So good, in fact, that recent years have found him sending first ascents in Nepal, Patagonia, and Pakistan, to name a few. I think a certain amount of brand loyalty is implied, but overall it seems to be the best deal going right now. I'm starting to look into such arrangements for myself, and am wondering if they're looking for any moderately-skilled telemark skiiers to travel the globe, drink beer, make turns, and do the film thing. I have yet to find any takers.

Anyway, to get to the point, check out his blog: Vertical Carnival Dispatches.

There you'll find over a dozen dispatches from his recent expedition in South America, with everything from Patagonia climbs to Rio de Janiero slacklines. Pretty inspiring footage.

Also, when not climbing and walking slacklines, Renan makes some amazing art. See below. And check out his website at Rock Monkey Art. Word.


W2 said...

Big ups. Bout time you dropped some science on us.

For those who don't know in the APT universe Dr. D is bracing himself for an August expedition to Colorado.

One year leave of absence from teaching, boy will be knee deep in powder-APT on the scene.

Live from APT said...

Brazil looks amazing...2014, peeps...APT field trip mos def...World Cup...stack the chips starting now!

(thx for the DOPE post)