Friday, April 3, 2009

Hilly Town

Catch up with the latest ins and outs of our Greater Portland Indie Rock scene at You might recognize the name, taken from this Phantom Buffalo track. Stop by and read about all things tight sweater and old corduroy.

So, did you know that this Friday some crazy kids are going to perform live music (Lady Lamb, pictured below has already graced the stage) out of their windows while you stumble around Art Walk? Hell yeah. They call it Tower of Sound. Consider it a sonic batman climbing upon the city's rooftops to whisper sweet hell into your ears.

Or, are you prepared to have your heart (and perhaps your loins) torn from where they sit. Come May, Sweden's The Sounds will be dropping into town for a show at Port City Music Hall. Watch the video below to get a taste.

THE SOUNDS - "PAINTED BY NUMBERS" from Diaspro on Vimeo.

Needless to say the disco-punk songstress is a siren (the comparison to Debbie Harry is obvious) and HillyTown's website is all that. Now where is my leather jump suit and eye make-up.


Live from APT said...

Let's do this...nice...APT loves Sweden...

Bryan said...

Thanks for the HillyTown mention! Don't forget beards. Lots of beards.