Saturday, April 25, 2009

Look At This...

...Fucking Hipster. Not me. The website.

My pal Jen dropped this link on me after learning of my new haircut and in response to my musings about her husband's Abe Lincoln Beard. Her good natured ribbing was much deserved and the site is inspiring, if not altogether hilarious. It is in better taste than Passed Out Wookies, while just snarky enough to soothe the inner Capote.

Think Maine College of Art students shopping at Hot Topic in a Lewiston mall with some help from David Bowie.

And, just in case you think the 'hawk is passe, check out my man Von Wafer. Nice look, slick game.


Jennifer said...

Nice mohawk! Love it! I'm telling you the Abe Lincoln is a Hot look! Don't underestimate it! And don't forget to lather some extra sunscreen on that scalp.

Dr. D said...

Funny that all those pis on the wookie site are all of W2 in various drunken pass-out poses back in his UNH days. All those ladies are ex-girlfriends. Where's Han Solo when you need him? Oh, that's right, packing the peace pipe.