Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moby Sucks

Too harsh? Perhaps. Obviously it is easy to take shots at small, bald, celebs, who seem to take themselves too seriously. But for now, all is absolved. Why? Peep this fun collaboration with director cum animator David Lynch.


Live from APT said...

First, that vid is awesome. Where did you find?

Second, Moby is the MAN. Do Roomie own any of his shit? Nein, but the cat was one of the first to realize that car manufactures, computer companies and the web was the best way to sell music. Big ups.

Plus he did this nasty remix.

W2 said...

Nice use of the word nein. My crew is studying German at home. Fucked up language to pick, but that is what the tropps wanted to learn.

Moby is alright. For me it is like picking on Stan Van. Everybody else is doing it...cuz it is fun.

Beer garden mission or snug move Thursday night for B and Teo's bday.