Thursday, January 21, 2010

APT on the Loose

There has been some discussion about Roomie bringing back the picture header. If you are on board give us I shout. I miss it.

There has been even less talk about an APT Hall of Fame T-shirt-Mural-Record Cover-Boxing Shorts-Project featuring the likeness of our favorite artists, homemade desserts, female shapes, and perhaps a walrus. I remain optimistic.

In other news, we were recently contacted by a dope band who will be playing next month in sunny Portland, ME. More to come on that in the future. A member of said band, in passing and lightheartedly, suggested that we are not a music related blog.

And you know what I say...oh yeah. This is music.

Clara Berry will be at the Hogs Farm Annex in slightly less sunny Biddeford, Me this Saturday night. Just so happens that she played hoops for yours truly and survived, barely.

I have emotional problems.


b-nice said...

Ahhh. Now I see. YOU have emotional problems. It's not me at all. :) Great pics, by the way. True damsels in distress can always be identified by the semi-crushed cans of beer they carry at all times.

Justin said...

Are those pics from the night in Lone Pine? The memory recall from that night is spotty at best, but that woman in the blue dress is tough to forget. Care for a game of shuffleboard?

W2 said...

Yes Lonepine is the spot. Love those pics. There is a great one of you and Kevin and Dan hangin with that lady early in the evening when things were more lucid.

Justin said...

Nice. Like the Clara Berry tune, too. I think she was at MSK when I was there...did her dad work in the district, too? Don't remember her having a British accent, though.

W2 said...

MSK YES. British Accent YEs. I think she has been listening to too much Lily Allen.

We caught her last night and the young lady is very poised.

When are you going to make your return to the stage?

PS I have some extra snowboard bindings if you and the young one need any.