Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Russia with Love, I'm Still Here

Andrei Kirilenko, a Russian born NBAer known as AK 47 (a reference to his jersey number and not his affiliation with the Russian Secret Service), is easily one of the most stylistically unique players in the NBA.

This painting, unearthed by way of SLC Dunk, is tremendous and somehow captures his ability to channel both the powers of eagle and bear on court.

That, or it artfully addresses his Russian and American affiliations. Whatever the case, click HERE for some resounding proof of his prowess.

It is worth noting, that the dude takes the game so seriously that sometimes he even cries like a wounded animal when he plays poorly.

Good news for the Beargle though. I am told by my hoops guru (pictured above), that when an animal cries or whines excessively you simply include some White Chestnut Flower Essence (?) in the evening soup and everything is as right as rain.

And if this post doesn't toast your oats, catch recent posts by Dr. D or Roomie's succinct ode to Claude Chabrol.

Also, Mr. Phoenix gets all Andy Kauffman taking drinks with Elvis while being sport humped by Borat in Casey Affleck's NEWEST directorial opus.

Weekend is coming. Peace.

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