Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Arsenio Hall - A Tribute

Long overdue, APT would like to present a tribute to one of its fav shows of all time for live musical performances and celeb interviews...The Arsenio Hall Show.

Airing from 1989 to 1994, Arsenio Hall took over for Joan Rivers after she was canned. This show’s free flowing nature and unpredictability are only rivaled today by Ellen and Oprah, both of whom owe a lot of credit to Hall for their own show’s format. Hall's questions were always relaxed, peeps' answers felt real and musical acts were allowed to play back to back songs if he was feelin' it. Watch him interview Sam Kinison…it’s like you are sitting on the couch right there with both of them. Hospitality...just like at APT...

Grab a drink, some chips and salsa and check it...


Marky Mark

Clarke and Hines

this one is very freeky considering...

De La Soul were pissed at him for the intro...


Eddie, Hall and the other MJ

Lisa Stansfield (APT Hall of Fame Singer)


Jim Henson

Ali, Leonard and Tyson



The Sugarcubes


Zoom zoom

Depp and Burton


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