Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not so Golden State

So NBA playoff time is upon us. Frankly, I could not be more excited. My beloved Boston Celtics are relevant. The Pistons are dynamite and the Western Conference is so deep top to bottom that APT favorites, the Golden State Warriors will be watching from home.

Hearbreaking is too strong a word...especially with all the trials and tribulations of the day...but we wanted to take a moment and give some love to three of the most entertaining ballers in the league. Until next season gentlemen.

W2 fav Monta Ellis (think Allen Iverson)

Roomie fav...Stephan Jackson (what is in the cup Jax, shout out to Isreal?)

And in case you forgot, "Mr. Entertainment" himself Baron Davis.

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Live from APT said...


Jack...myspace baby!

Baron...what can you say? I plan to spend my summer on roller skates carrying a boomin' system...

Others that will be missed:

Matt Barnes
Andris Biedrins
Mickael Pietrus
Austin Croshere

How can we have playoffs w/o you?!?!?