Thursday, April 17, 2008

Live from APT Rep. on the Radio

The Burlington, VT correspondent of Live From APT can now be heard on the radio across the world, via the world wide interwebs.

Burlington has a new low-watt fm station which started in December, broadcasting on 100 watts to Burlington and a few neighboring towns. Now it is blasting out to the universe from

My show is called 'The Everchanging Minstrel' (named after a show my dad had on the local NPR station when I was growing up) and is on Thursdays 6-8pm Eastern. It's an eclectic folk show, interpreting "folk" in a broad sense as music made for the people, by the people.

Past set-lists can be found at or on the radiator site under 'music playlists'

Check it out this Thursday evening if you are near a computer!

p.s. I'll be on radio-hiatus after this week until July 1st because I'll be in ME!

1 comment:

W2 said...

Well done. Bringing just a bit of APT into the radiosphere.

I hope our folkie gal pal The Organizer is reading so she can tune in her dial your way.

All the best.