Tuesday, July 14, 2009


W2 favorite Antoine Walker is making news once more. Our boy, retired (not by his choice) at the age of 32, owes Vegas almost 1 million dollars. The man known for taking way too many shots and having one more ring than Pat Ewing is now dealing with three felony charges related to writing bad checks.

Another casualty of Gamblor's mighty grasp.

But don't sleep sports fans. Peep the video. The man had some flair!

My guess is he doesn't bring out the shimmy when he loses at the Craps Table.


Live from APT said...

Twan is invited over for Duffs at APT anytime...we'll welcome him with open arms...

El Manicero said...

4 minutes of marble mouth highlights, who woulda thunk it? There are some sweet moves in this. The Pitino years, W2 you have to fill us in on who some of those others were, that high flyer wearing the white arm band?

Damn Toine, you WERE nice on the court. Lest we forget.