Monday, November 16, 2009

The Hundred Greatest Quotes From "The Wire" In Ten Minutes

Via The Huffington Post.


Dr. D said...

Speaking of The Wire, anyone looking to purchase all 5 seasons on DVD? Dr. D's got the hookup, and is wanting to get rid. 23 discs, mint-condition. Bonus episodes. Free shipping. Let me know and we can talk business. List price = $120. Dr. D's price = $80, or best offer.

W2 said...

Dr. D you in some toruble out there. Got to make some cash quick. Gambling? Hockers? Drugs? Tough man.

Or is this some home shopping club type shit?

Regarding the WIRE...This builds on the APT conversation from the other night. Can you narrow down all the dope Wire characters to a top five. I can't but I have a tier one tier two thing going.


Major Players

1. Bunk
2. Omar
3. McNutty
4. Snoop
5. Prop Joe

Support Staff

1. That Fat perverted detective dude
2. Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos
3. Norman Wilson
4. Bunny Colvin
5. Brother Mozone

Dr. D said...

Dr. D fucked up his car, needs $ to pay off some credit card bulls%*t. God damn insurance deductibles.