Friday, November 6, 2009

Julian Marley

W2 will be waving his knotty-knotty dreadlocks to this one, on repeat, all winter. As will all the rest of you. This album is hot. Dr. D hasn't scrolled off this album on his iPod for a couple weeks, truth be told. I'm sure that comes as no surprise to those that know me.

Julian Marley, one of reggae legend Bob Marley's many musical children conceived outside his legal marriage, is back again, having released only two previous albums in the past 15 years. This new 2009 release, "Awake," brings in the contemporary righteous roots reggae vibes, with stellar production and conscious lyrics, sure to make even the craziest baldheads nod their pale noggins and shake their feet. Check it at your local independent record store, or hunt the web for a freebee. Enjoy!

For more info on Julian Marley, his current tour, or any of the other Ghetto Youth International crew, check here.

For some free preview audio clips from "Awake," check here.

Or to just check out a live clip of the album's green track, "Boom Draw," check this out:

If that video doesn't get you packing up the greenwax, I'm not sure what else will.

One love. Rastafari.


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El Manicero said...

You tryin' to help the man crack down on the free spread of music?! Boy, remove that link! I saw you IM but I was away from computer. I did belatedly send love around though.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the man was reading live from apt.

Hoops Thursday?

I may be late but I am thinking of swinging by reiche for a test drive around 8pm. Are you going to that frisbee flick?


The Knicks look awful. Awful. Seriously awful.