Sunday, December 6, 2009

A.I., Tiger, Definitive Beards, Wax and Decks

Great post from the friends over at Turntable Lab.
Boy Genius is dead on about A.I.

Big still got my Answer DVD???

Myself, W2, Big Brother, MC Saiyid, Lady B, Adam-ant-ium Claws and The Duke visited the garden last night. Everyone had a chance to weigh in on this this circus. Boy Genius' post summarizes my current thoughts nicely.

In other news, great blog rec from my man Jim Green...Definitive Beards...a site all APT folks will love.

Also in the news...Wax and Decks...


Dr. D said...

W2 - Should I submit that post-shave photo of you with the perv mustache on my back deck from last year to the beard blog? I think so.

Anonymous said...

Feel free just name it W2 nothing more. No real protect the innocent.

Shit is straight disgustoid...wegot to come up with a short handle for AG. Chewey is good, but he is truly not hairy enough...although he is fairly sidekick silent.

Anonymous said...

PS regarding AI...darko brings a longer version

Amazing read for nonhoopers as well. Very insightful.

Regarding Tiger...dudes name is Tiger, what can you expect.