Monday, December 14, 2009

Teen Wolf...The TV Show

APT takes Teen Wolf very seriously. This is one of the greatest basketball movies of all time. Period. Plus, if I grow my ish out just right, I got a Scott Howard thing going on.

So color me a grinch when I say that I am concerned about this films legacy in the hands of MTV's pop culture machine. They are going the Remake-TV Series-Horror-Romance-Unintentional Comedy route.

The crew over at the Onion's AV Club are equally concerned. Hey MTV, stop fucking around with my childhood and bring back the music videos already.


The Drizzle said...

It can't be worse thatn Teen Wolf, Too!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a quote from someplace...

What is the best movie about golf...Caddyshack.

What is the worst movie about golf...Caddyshack II.

Although let the record state that I love Caddyshack II.