Saturday, May 30, 2009


Theo Huxtable

Dylan McKay


It seems that in 2002 this dynamic duo joined forces to create a TV series based on a Belgian comic book about a post-apocalytic future. Seems that our boy Luke is set to rebuild the world after human kind was beatdown by some deadly virus. Theo, who has recently morphed into a poor man's Lenny Kravitz, puts his shirt back on and his base guitar down in time to join the fun as the cynical yet compassionate sidekick.

The story involves something called Thunder Mountain and the Valhalla Sector. Right. I wonder if there are any Lisa Bonet cameos?

Click the names for the clips yall. They are nice.

PS If you missed the Where Caucasian Happens get there and BIG UPS to Krowbar and Pretty in Pink for hosting a slurry APT crew last evening. Brace yourselves for the SB 1200 BBQ. Grab your records and protective helmet.

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