Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three Wolf Moon

Feeling down? Feeling like you've lost your mojo, your power, your spirit? No worries. For just over $10 you can change your life.

Courtesy of MC Larke, via the APT extension, heads should be bustin' out their credit cards and heading to for one of these shirts. All reviews lead towards the positive, and if that's not convincing enough, check this video:

I expect that by next week, W2, King Roomie Rock, and Dr. D will be sporting these in the Old Port, breaking hearts and healing all the problems of the world.

P.S. - Don't forget to drink your Tuscan Whole Milk as well!


W2 said...

Unreal. A plus. Like a JR SMith dunk. Too much darn flavor.

The Duke said...

did you steal that T from kyle's personal collection?

The Drizzle said...

This success of this shirt can be attributed to Their hotlinks section had it linked a while back and it's shot to the best selling shirt on Amazon. Great job!

Live from APT said...

Costner and Blitzer are the BEST in this!!!