Thursday, July 17, 2008

APT Summertime update

It's summertime at APT and that means the weekend starts, well...on Wednesday night.

All is going VERY well at, King Roomie hosted an improptu "ladies-only" lunch this afternoon...seated left to right, TE, MAV (from Port2Port Press), and Masta Key.

Per usual, Roomie was both behind the decks and behind the stove. The menu comes with little help from this book by APT Hall of Famer, Gordon Ramsey.

APT loves this guy. Sure, he's rough around the edges, but if APT ever wanted to hold a dream gala, this drill sargent would be the first choice to plan the catered dig. Always bringing 100%, never phoning it in like the Detroit Pistons, Ramsay provided the following recipes for today's lunch:

Avocado/Cucumber soup with toasted baguette

and for dessert, bluberries with honey, almonds and yogurt.

Let's have a look inside the APT fridge, shall we? Always stocked and ready...most of the time...

...various cheezes (bottom shelf, in the plastic), veggies (beets and carrots for salads, top shelf), red meat (steak, top shelf...right next to the veggies...yeah, that's how we roll!) Bells and Allagash beer (tucked away in the back).
Not pictured...Mt. Gay Rum and Sauza Hornitos Tequilla (top of fridge).

APT summertime mix on the box.

On the music end of things, APT always offers the finest in used records not many folks would dare to play. Let's see whats on the decks...

APT turntable setup

Here's the current wax selection King Roomie has been bumping this summer...peep the Cathy Dennis, primed for a dope mix...

The Black Box record was a gem find in NH this spring...Luscious Jackson's "Naked Eye" on top, a Malasto dance party classic...Madonna's first record is buried at the bottom...everyone loves Holiday...

Crown Heights Affair has "Far Out", a disco classic fav of APT...the two Markus Enochson singles are dope broken beat finds...all in all, a very uptempo summer...

On the Moviemate, APT is feeling this new HBO series .

This film was just screened at APT for the first time last night...this scene made the crew almost pee their pants...Anthony Anderson is the sh*t!
"Come on Pookie, let's burn this muthaf*cker down!"


mav said...

you suck. i didn't know the photo was for the blog or i would not have made that silly face. jeeeeeeez!!!!!!!! nice lunch though! :)

Whereis James said...

Dang...the posts on APT are no joke. Nice pics KRR.

I am bringing out the wookie on the morrow...ra ra like a dungeon dragon....brace yourselves.

emily said...

AVOCADO CUCUMBER SOUP...what?!!!! i'm coming over for that recipe right now. i have been into creative avocado uses lately...i've made a few avocado-lime pies this summer, and have been hitting up the new vietnamese tearoom in town for avocado-persimmon-pear smoothies!!