Thursday, July 24, 2008

Katahdin Adventure

We loaded up the Block-Doyle Minicruiser with gear and provisions on Sunday morning at 2:00am. Coffee, egg sandwiches, and Alberto's i-pod (dude even when you are not around your music does that happen?) fueled the 3 1/2 hour drive from Portand.

The mountain was incredible. This was the most rewarding and dynamic climb I have ever done. Check some pics...

The Approach. Millinocket ME.

W2 contemplating the 4,500+ vetical ruggedness.

Top Shelf with B Nice, W2, The Bird, and Bloc Party

Mountain Love.

Knifes Edge. Ineffable!

The post game was rowdy. I got so geeked on dark chocolate smores I felt like Chris Farley getting loose with ODB. Plus, we were attacked by some kind of giant bird, and ejected from a local country store. Minus the Celtics Championship and my introduction to the loaded cerveza, this was it!


El Manicero said...

That's sounds excellent. Wish I could a been there but I was otherwise engaged :)

Soo...Who was Chris Farley and who was ODB? You sure all you had was chocolate smores?

Hmmm. Loaded Cervezas...I remember that!

Let's get together soon fool!

T-hatch said...

yeah who the hell is chris farley?

W2 said...

Explaination...ODB and Chris Farley had a certain past time in common that is similar to what it feels like to eat way to much dark chocolate.

Think Marion Barry, Scarface, and Rick James...bitch.

Live from APT said...

No disappointing...but the knifes edge looks DOPE!!!!

W2 said... JF...but there she was seen. In fact 158 for brunch today.

Where are your Pitchfork pics? Furthermore, where are you LA. Have you met Baron Davis yet...or MM?