Monday, July 28, 2008

Get your legends of Rap Trading Cards here

What up people. Got 30 euros burning a hole in your pocket? You're gonna love this....

"Legends of Rap is a classic trading-card deck with 32 cards that give respect to the groundbreaking figures from the early days of hip hop.

Hip hop - the most vigorous cultural phenomenon to emerge in the last three decades - was created by people growing up in housing projects around Harlem and the South Bronx in New York City. The Caribbean-style sound-system battles that took place in city parks, schoolyards, and at block parties in the 1970s were breeding grounds for the rap, break-dance and graffiti styles that now echo through pop culture worldwide." Pick em up now at Colette, and remember the good ol' days of Hip Hop from Run DMC to Afrika Bambaata. 30 euros for the set."

The site this was found on is for Colette, which is apparently like a french urban outfitters and is really really cool and really hard to figure out where I found the cards... see if you can find them... There are some shots of the different cards here...


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W2 said...

El Man...killer first post. Collect them all.

Speaking of collecting. Check out a killer comic called Kick Ass. Youtube has a little promo that is about 1.5 minutes long that I think you will really like. This comes by way of this dude called Pete who has his own comic book show on youtube and is tight with Teo and me it is only half as dorky as it sounds.

Can't wait to get my Kris Parker card.

I am still buzzing from that Bon Iver show on Friday night. Amazing!