Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kernals of Peace

Roomie is out of town....LA, Paris, Japan, Milan. Who knows. But I got to keep my boy in step with all that is happening in my adopted home state of Maine.

Several NBA A-listers (okay C-listers) showed up in Maine to work with teenagers at the Seeds of Peace International Camp. The camp is located in Otisfield, ME and brings together kids from Middle Eastern countries to discuss gender roles, tolerance, diversity, and PEACE. Ballers, Derek Rose, Brain Scalabrine, Jordan Farmar, Dj Augustin, Side Show Lopez, and his brother Date Rape, were all in the house.

"I always get peaceful, that is why I am into yoga. Yoga class is also a great place to meet girls. I like girls...and pizza. Does anyone want to see my ring?" Brian Scalabrine, of the World Champion Boston Celtics during his keynote address at he Seeds of Peace Camp 2008.

Catch the story...here.
LA Laker Jordan Farmar looks like a middle school kid...here.
Killer slideshow from the Sun Journal...here.
More Scali...here.


Live from APT said...

Can adults sign up for this???

W2 said...

You do look Middle Eastern....Jordanian perhaps.