Sunday, November 9, 2008

For Emma, Forever Ago

On the subject of man crushes, I'm definitely feelin' Obama as well, just not in a wallpaper or tattooing on body sort of way. Feeling you on Andy Samberg W2, he's hilarious. I think I was Ras Trent's roommate my sophomore year. I'll tell you my biggest man crush of the year though: Bon Iver. Check this sultry, intimate version of Bon Iver's title track on one of 2008's finest records:

Bon Iver - "For Emma" from MySpace Transmissions

For those feeling adventurous, there is an APT field trip in the making for December 14th down to Boston, to check out Bon Iver with Sweedish songwriter The Tallest Man on Earth at The Wilbur Theatre. I know, Sunday's are tough, but good music is few and far between up here in Portland...

Speaking of The Tallest Man on Earth, I think he's worth a listen. Check this video:

Not to be confused with this tallest man on earth, Mongolia's own Bao Xishun. At 7 feet, 8 inches (2.36 meters) tall, I think the NBA needs to be giving him a call:


W2 said...

Great post Dr. D.

Let the record show that I am not over fact I am more motivated than eer to watch his Presidency unfold. Closing Gitmo is a start. Rolling back some anti eco stuff would be huge as well.

Last night APT was in full swing. Solid showing from SB 1200, APT, W2, Big Brother, El Man, Dr. Sara, Guitar Driven Rock, and Celtic swingman Tony Allen.

W2 said...

And T-Bird

Dr. D said...

Sorry W2. I made a few changes to to the post to make my message clearer. I know you're not over Obama. Nobody should be. He's just getting started. Blam!

Where the snow at?

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