Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fuel up the Saturn...

Sorry Roomie and Big Brother, I am asleep at the wheel.

This morning I was checking the interwebs and realized that the Celts play the Hawks tonight...and we have tickets. A quick call home and some detective work by my better half confirmed this. Shine up the white wall tires...Road Trip.

When last we saw these two teams, the Celts were on the brink of elimination. A 99-65 beatdown ensued as the team in green moved on the face the Cavs in the EC-Semis.

Tonight the Hawks are without high flyer Josh Smith but bring an undefeated record to the Fleet. It should be nice.

Al Horford throwing down on KG's head!

Rajon Rondo out-played Mike Bibby...Roomie was the only one surprised!

Pics on Thursday.


W2 said...
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W2 said...

Paul Pierce at the buzzer. 103-102. Killer game. Joe Johnson is silly good.

Pics have been censored by my agent.

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