Thursday, November 6, 2008


"The world got so messed up nobody else really wanted to tackle it so they turned it over to us. That's what happened with the cities." -Abassador Andrew Young

Happy New York...from last night's show...

2 a.m., NYC yesterday

This is also worth checking out...


W2 said...


We need a roll call for the writers like they do on turntable lab. We also need to commit to creating a RadioAPT.

I am fired up to do some political stuff (Wrants!) We need DJ sets (Roomie, Duke, Graymatter). Spoken word. Re-broadcast Emily's old sets. Belinda's articles read aloud by Ian and Evan. SB 2000 freestyles. The Squirrel Show with Kyle. Dr. D love tips. Jamie obviously. The options are endless. Let us take this isht to the next level.

emily said...

I'm IN. Ward, check out your shout out over at Nothing-In-The-House!

yes we DID!

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