Friday, November 7, 2008

Man Crush

APT, 53% of America, Australia, Europe, even India and the Bhutan are all goo-goo for Barack. In fact, I think my wife just scored some Obama wallpaper for her office.

But my effections don't run as deep. At night when I lay down there is only one fella on my mind...Berkeley California native David Andrew Samberg. Andy to his fans.

From his junk in a box, to Narnia, to Ras Trent, and a parody of Marky Mark, this fella has earned his place on APT's A-list. Check the videos and if Samberg doesn't visit you in your dreams then I'll be a bitch houndog suckin pups.

Stork Patrol

The Chip

And if you do nothing else today, groove to our boys smoothed out love song dedicated to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...Iran so Far Away.

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Anonymous said...

I changed up the link to the Iran joint, see if it works for ya.


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