Friday, November 14, 2008

The True Shepard

I hereby nominate Shep Smith of Fox News for Honorary Membership with the APT. He is consistantly keeping it on the level. Earlier he stuck it to Joe the Plumber, and here he is setting the record straight on "The Media's" involvement with Barry's victory.

Power to the people, Shep!

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W2 said...

At times the media creates the moement and at times the movement drives the barry's case, he touched the people and the media covered it. toward the end of the election the writing was on the wall and gopnpundits tried to lay blame on anyone but the gop.

if you listen to gop leaders like rove and gingrich they are the last to blame the media, they know that the partys stat is oyt of step.

bo brought his message to every state not just the ones where it was easy to win. i think it will take eight years for them to get their collective shit together and in the mean time bo must expand his base to include the progressives and the fundi christians.

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