Friday, January 2, 2009

Roomie Kid's fav of 2008

Here's the fav's of 2008, broken down APT style:


Studio - Yearbook 2


Quantum Of Solace


Derrick Rose (check minute :47)


El Camino


Monocle (both web and print)

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Anonymous said...

That shit is sad when Rajon falls down, but if you catch the clips last night your boy was extremely mortal. Numbers ( 3 points and like 2 assists) are questionable against Lebron and the gang and furthermore there is a block that LeBron has on your boy that makes the earth shake. It is like he took his lunch money.

Get over to and check it out under videos. And while you are there you can catch my boy Rajons (14 assists) behind the back dime to Ray for the THREE.

Pierce line last night...26 on 9-10 shooting5-6 from three. Only to be outdone by Bonner's 17 on 7-9 shooting 2-2 from three.

We need to play ball stat. And then go to Camino!