Thursday, February 21, 2008

8th Grade Dance Mix

Can I kick it?

Yep, you can...

King Roomie Rock just posted a new mix*.
Download here.

APT recommends you put this on as you are getting ready to go out tomorrow night...

Who says the late 80's aren't dope?

You can also listen right here:

(*All records used in this mix are on 45 format.)


emily said...

only 3:45 min. of this downloaded?

W2 said...

I am feelin Benneton, Max Head Room, Yo MTV Raps, Larry Bird, Short Shorts, Jelly Shoes, Hair Clips, Magnum's Mustache, John Hughes Movies, The A Team, Hulk Hogan, Freddy Krueger, Kirk Cameron, Rambo, Punky Brewster, Breakin poorly on carboard, and Ronald Reagan.

The list is endless and so are the strange oblong memories.

W2 said...

Dude...Roni. That is great. My ultimate frisbee team has a band and they play Roni. it is absurd. Love the mix Roomie.

emily said...

man. really feeling the generational gap on this one...only reference i'm getting there is punky brewster, and even then, i think it was the re-runs. ok, larry bird too, but only because he's from indiana (french lick!). or maybe it's just that i was totally oblivious to pop culture.