Monday, February 18, 2008

I want to tip my cap to my local board shop, Sunny Breeze. Day 1 of my school vacation finds Portland, Me sporting spring like temps conducive to a half mile stroll to cop new bindings.

I arrive and smiling attendant number 1 is reading a skate mag while watching Space Balls on the screen most often reserved for Laird Hamilton movies.

The dude is sort of bothered by the disruption that my intended purchase represents, but he shakes it off to tell me way more than I need to know about fifteen different bindings, culminating with "you shouldn't buy any of them cuz the best one for the cash is out. The one I ride."

Then, Broseph gets motivated and disappears into the back for 10, and returns with the last set. Oh yeah and they are 25 percent off. Nice service. Buy local kids!

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Live from APT said...

Shout out to Video Port, Books ETC., David Wood, Strange Maine, Ferdinand...